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Like we said before, this company has been around a while and has some true treasures who have passed through our doors. Several years later, a family member going through some old photos stumbles across a Dragon photo. They go to the web. Imagine their surprise when they find we're still here and that we value each and every one of people who helped make this company something special. Well, it happened again.

Bart Mann

In September of 2012, we received an email from Sara Mann Moore of Texas.

Subject: Company history

Dear Sirs,

I just came across a photo of a car (probably a 1938 or 1939 Oldsmobile) with the name DARCOVA painted on the side in a box of family memorabilia.

The photo probably dates from 1938. In the late 1930s or early 1940s, my father worked for the company as a salesman in the Pampa area. He was 20 years old, newly married, and it was his first real job. His name was Bart Mann. If I remember family lore correctly, he was recognized by the company for his sales during that time, something he was proud of.

By the mid-1940s he started a honey packing business in San Angelo, Texas and from then on always worked for himself. Apparently he learned how to service customers from your company.

I enjoyed reading your company’s history. It’s a pleasure to come across something so down to earth on the web!

Sincerely yours,
Sara Mann Moore

Bart Mann, courtesy of his daughter, Sara
In a return email, Sara writes:

Dear Mike,

I’ve unearthed an additional photo from the same roll as the picture of the car. It shows my father with a group of ten other men -- clearly a business meeting, and possibly a meeting of Darcova salesmen. I’ll scan it and the car photo and send to you.

There’s another picture of my father making a sales call at an oil rig, dressed in a suit and hat, with a man in his work overalls. It’s quite an evocative picture! It’s not dated, but I think it was taken in 1940 or 1941, and by then, I think my father was working for The National Supply Company. I’ll send it as well.

I found a letter he wrote his mother on National Supply stationery in March, 1940, telling her he had over $400 saved up from his salary in order to start his married life. He and my mother got married the next month. I never heard him mention National Supply, however. It was the Darling Valve Company that he talked about.**

Delightful to hear from you, and I’ll send the scans in the morning.

Cheers, Sara Moore

{**In case you missed the connection, Darling Composition Valves is now called Darcova. See our History page for the evolution of the company.}

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