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You wanna talk tough?
Darcova’s Tef-Core XT® gives new meaning to tough. This product was designed to meet a genuine need in the oil field — how to minimize the hassle, clean-up, expense and down-time of stuffing box maintenance. But don’t take our word for it...
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“You better not start selling those stuffing box rubbers or you’ll put yourself out of business. I haven’t had a problem with that well since I put them in.”

from a Big Horn Basin
Pump Shop

Veetex® Stuffing Box Rings

Darcova has been molding our VEETEX® rings for many years. Unlike our competitor’s “Crown® Rings,” the VEETEX® has more rubber sealing surface against the polish rod plus an oil and grease reservoir built in between each ring. Our virgin Buna N rubber compound is resistant to crude oils and brines. We have all sizes available.

The guys say, “They work.” ‘Nuf said.

Lathe-Cut Stuffing Box Rings

Darcova also manufactures a lathe-cut stuffing box ring, which is still used in some shallow-well oilfields.

“These all-rubber rings go back before our time, so we’re not too sure what you guys are using them for…but you buy a lot of ‘em.

So, you keep using ‘em
and we’ll keep making ‘em.”

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