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DARCOVA is truly the "first name in composition cups."

In 1904, the Darling Valve Company, manufacturers of leather valve cups, offered the very first composition valve cup to the oilfields. Today's Darcova and The Dragon composition cups have an extremely durable polyester outer layer laminated with our custom formulated elastomers. Our lathe-cut lip won't lose its shape even under the toughest pumping conditions.

Now, we gotta warn you...they aren't pretty. As a matter of fact, some people call 'em ugly. But, if that clean and pretty lip on our competitor's cup held its shape and performed as well as our lathe-cut lip, we would have changed our design a long time ago. If you're looking for clean and pretty, you're in the wrong line of work. If you're looking for the best damn composition product on the market...

You're gonna love our ugly cup!

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