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We could go into a big long description of our Standard and High-Temp, Split Type and Flange Type composition rings, but we'd rather have you call us for the technical bulletin, or simply download a copy of it to the right.

What we really want to tell you about are our Yellowjackets®. When we put the first one together, it looked like a really long bee...hence the name. Now that we have that over with, why should you consider using yellowjackets on your plunger? They convert your existing Martin-style plunger into pressure actuated technology. The exclusive groove design expands on the upstroke and contracts on the downstroke to effect a free-falling plunger. Yellowjackets are easier to install - no pre-swelling and rolling down.

Like we said before, we're producers. We like to make things as easy on ourselves as is humanly possible.

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current technical bulletin.
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