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Every company that has been around this long has a history rich with characters. These men and women have been with us through thick and thin and have helped make this company what it is today. And, every so often, you get a letter in the mail marked DO NOT BEND, as we did. You know when you open it up, there will be a treasure inside. Indeed there was, and that treasure was the story and photos of Wil Spindler.

Wil Spindler

In April of 2010, Wil Spindler's son James sent us a very nice letter with these photos included. The letter reads:

Dear Company Historian,

My name is Jim Spindler and I am the son of Wilbur Spindler, who is a former employee of The Dragon Manufacturing Company of Marietta, Ohio. My father will turn 90 this summer and I and his other four children were sorting through some old photos and came across the ones I have enclosed for you, which you may keep if you like.

My father's dad died when my father was nine or 10 and after completing the eighth grade, he dropped out of school to help support his mother and two siblings. At age 16 he began working for The Dragon Manufacturing Company and stayed there for about eight or nine years until he was drafted into the U.S. Army during WWII. He is still a very active guy. He just recently bought a new car and has plans to take a trip to Washington D.C. this year, along with some other veterans.

Just for the heck of it, I Googled The Dragon Manufacturing Company and was amazed that your company's site came up on my screen. I just thought it would be cool for a picture of my Dad to be a part of your company's archives.


Jim Spindler

The photos below are from the late '30s, early '40s. If you have any photos you would like included in our archive, please feel free to send them on.

We value all of our employees, past and present.

Our thanks to Wil and his son Jim for sharing these photos with us!

Left to right: Lee Pease, H. Jarvis, Art Arnold, Herb Sams, Mac Hayes, Andy Barth, and Wil Spindler standing in the back.
Left to right: Lee Pease, Minnie Lane, Art Arnold, Andy Barth, Mac Hayes, Herb Sams, and Wil Spindler
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